DrawerDecor Liner System

DrawerDecor Liner System


The DrawerDecor system is a sleek way to custom organize your kitchen drawer with modern style and a splash of color. No more utensils sliding and banging around inside your drawers. No more holes in your fingers as you jab yourself with a shish kebob holder while rummaging in search of something else. Now the inside of your kitchen drawers can look just as nice as the outside of your kitchen (after you've cleaned up, of course).

DrawerDecor is a 4-piece system using a non-slip rubbery material that is tacky to the touch, completely adjustable, and easily rinsed clean. Simply trim a base mat to the size of your drawer bottom and insert. Add dividers where needed to keep utensils in place, and you're done. Need to add something new later, or replace a utensil? No worries. Everything in the system is repositionable and reconfigurable, which means less waste and landfill.

Each kit comes with sixteen pieces, including one 14 by 20 inch base mat (35.5 by 50 cm), five 3 inch dividers (7.6 cm), five 1 1/2 inch dividers (3.7 cm), and five 3/4 inch triangular dividers (1.9 cm). Available in Iris, Lime, Red, Sky Blue and Tangerine.

Put your kitchen in its place!

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