It's time to heed the writing on the wall. Or on doors. Or panels. You see, IdeaPaint is a dry erase paintable covering that can transform just about any smooth surface into an erasable canvas. Use your dry erase markers to jot down your creative ideas before they disappear forever, communicate with family members or co-workers, teach lessons to students, or give your child a way to scribble and produce artwork on a grand scale without giving you apoplexy.

IdeaPaint is a cost-effective, high-performing and environmentally responsible alternative to traditional whiteboards. It will suit almost every type of surrounding, from homes and schools to offices and restaurants.

Available in White and Clear, which goes over colored backgrounds. Suitable for most sealed, nonporous surfaces, including stained wood, painted drywall, plastic, metal, aluminum, even chalkboards that have lost their tooth. Comes in a Pro and DIY version.

Go ahead, put some IdeaPaint on, then leave your mark!

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