Key Modular Storage

Key Modular Storage


Ever experience a sense of dread as you pick up the assembly instructions for a product you purchased? Do you get visions of parts strewn all over the floor and hours of mystification as you analyze the hieroglyphics that pass for a manual these days?

These are just a few of the reasons to make stackable Key Modular Storage by Housefish your shelving and storage of choice. Housefish may well turn out to be the easiest furniture you ever put together. First choose from a menu of sizes, colors, finishes, doors, and open units to create your design. Then gather your modules, assemble them with aluminum keys inserted at each end, and stack. Voila! A super-strong, handsome, and flexible storage piece is yours.

Made with love and care in Denver from 100% USA-sourced material and parts, including FSC-certified wood, and zero-VOC finishes.

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