Laura Cowan Saturn Menorah and Dreidel

Laura Cowan Saturn Menorah and Dreidel


Israeli Judaica designer Laura Cowan brings the traditional Hanukkah menorah into the 21st century. Outfitted with stainless steel bases and colorful magnetic candle holders fashioned out of anodized aluminum, her movable menorahs invite the kind of play and celebration of freedom that has come to be associated with this joyous and child-oriented Jewish holiday.

Slide Magnet and Travel Magnet Menorahs reflect Laura's signature style even as they express contrasting formal directions. Where Slide's base takes the shape of a slender and sinuous linear curve, Travel Menorah's plate is emphatically planar, square and straight. As its name suggests, Travel is designed to be mobile, coming in a pouch with a see-through test tube and cork for compactly storing your candle holders when the holiday finds you on the road; the elongated proportions of Slide, on the other hand, suggest a piece that would prefer to remain stationary on a shelf, where it could stay on display throughout the year as an attractive ornament to any space.

Speaking of travel, let Laura's Saturn Menorah and Dreidel Set elevate you to new heights of design bliss and holiday enjoyment. The menorah is a circular disk made from stainless steel, on which removable magnetic candle holders can be placed as the holiday progresses. The center of the disk is open and sized to hold the dreidel. Unlike the bodies of most traditional dreidels, which are faceted cubes, this one is round and flat, its ring shape perfectly in harmony with the circular motion it undergoes during play.

Sets come with Aqua, Gold or Silver dreidels. For younger kids there's also a Smart Dreidel Set, in which the top is suitably made from plastic. Pieces can also be ordered separately.

Saturn Menorah is 5 1/2 inches diameter (13.9 cm), its dreidel 3 inches across (7.6 cm).

All of Laura's pieces are signed by the artist and hand-crafted by her in Israel.

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