Magis Flare Customizable Table

Magis Flare Customizable Table


Get a leg up on your neighbors by being the first to have a table that can be continually customized. It's all thanks to designer Marcel Wanders, who came up with the idea of making detachable table legs out of injection-molded polycarbonate so they can be both transparent and hollow, and still hold up the table. Marcel then teamed up with co-designer Javier Mariscal to create a variety of patterns which they had printed on plastic-coated art paper that could slip easily into the hollow legs with the print side facing out.

That gives you the choice of what you want your table to look like. But the opportunity for creativity doesn't stop there: for those of you who can wield a crayon or brush they provided blank sheets of paper on which to exercise your talents or the talents of people you can cajole into service.

But why stop there? In truth you can fill the legs with pretty much anything that doesn't require feeding. Coins? Confetti? Popcorn packing material? Old campaign buttons? The possibilities are intriguing.

The tabletop is made of MDF with a white polymeric cover, and is available in square and rectangular sizes. Each Flare table comes with a set of Stripe design inserts for the legs; other inserts are purchased separately.

The approximately 1 inch (2.5 cm) Rectangular top measures 31 1/2 by 63 inches (80 x 160 cm). Legs stand 27 3/4 inches high (70.5 cm).

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