Nolastar Modular Screen

Nolastar Modular Screen


Nolastar has various functions as a curtain, wall paneling, room divider or as a transparent accent element in rooms. With their play of solid and voids the screens diffuse natural and electric light in a gentle wash. The Nola Star system of attachment is simple and encourages the development of screens in a variety of heights, widths and colors. It's a lightweight building system that invites creativity.

The Nolastar module is a 7 1/2 inch (19 cm) square plastic panel that hangs from a rod or track when assembled. The squares have rounded corners and holes on all four sides through which they can be easily connected with the lightweight metal rings provided. With the proper track apparatus screens can be folded back on themselves when you want to open up the space or bring in the outdoors.

Available in packages of Wood Grain, Translucent, White and a Transparent Blue, Red, Green and Yellow. One box holds twenty-five squares in a single color, which covers approximately 10.5 square feet (1 m2). Boxes include connecting rings. Rod and other hanging apparatus not included.

Designed by Ana Motjer and Oliver Schneider.

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