S7 Flexible Floor Lamp

S7 Flexible Floor Lamp


Nicolas Pichelon is a highly trained technical navy man and engineer whose career eventually led him to the creative industries. In 2004 he founded his company Structures to assist artists and architects with complex projects, and in 2012 partnered with Jean Francois Michon to develop the S7 Plug 'n Play LED lamp.

Michelin's goal was to build a lighting system free of common constraints, like the rigidity of standard metal parts or the need to reduce glare. This ambitious game plan resulted in a flexible yet structurally stable, fully rotatable LED lamp head and power connection system unbound by any predetermined shape or form. Like a snake, its stability comes from a coiled base, and it can extend vertically, horizontally, or be intertwined with itself in gentle curves. The fixture's flexibility makes it ideal for lighting a tricky, tight space, or serving as a piece of unique co-creative sculpture and visual accent.

The tubular body is approximately 14 feet long (4.2 m), the head unit extends approximately 17 inches (43.8 cm), and it comes with a 5-foot (1.5 m) power cord. The aluminum head contains eight 3W high efficiency, dimmable LED bulbs controlled by a foot switch. Available in a White body with Titanium Gray head, a Black body with a Titanium Gray head, and a Black body with a Black head.

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