Tetrad Flat Shelving

Tetrad Flat Shelving


The Tetrad Flat Shelving System is a modular, lightweight shelving solution consisting of multiples of five differently shaped units reminiscent of the famous 1980s computer game Tetris. Every piece is assembled with metal backs in Multicolor or White and wood veneer sides in Maple or White.

Shelving units can be attached to one another, to the wall or left freestanding. For those who like to lay things out on paper before they commit, download a handy Tetrad Planner by clicking on the link below. Cut out the pieces of paper with a scissors to represent each piece, then move them around till you like what you see. Assemble your shelving accordingly. Being reconfigurable, you can always change their arrangement later if desired.

(Did you know the word "tetrad" means a figure made from four squares, at least one of which is connected to another on at least one side? And that Tetris' original inventor coined his name by combining tetrad with his favorite game - tennis! Neither did we, until we discovered this product.)

The base unit contains five tetrad pieces. You can order as many sets of five as you need. They all contain the same suite of shapes and will fit together beautifully.

Shelf depth is 9 in. (22.8 cm). Made to order in the USA.

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