Tetris Modular Mirror

Tetris Modular Mirror


Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the most modular of them all? Why, that's easy—the Tetris Mirror of course!

The Tetris Mirror is a sophisticated system of mirrored modules that interlock to form larger compositions of reflective glass. For once you can shape the mirror to suit its surroundings, rather than search endlessly for the right alignment of shape, size and looks. Don't settle for something you happen to find—design something that is unique to your space.

Choose from three different styles of mirrored modules, and between clear mirror and a combination of clear and red tinted mirror components. An ingenious system of magnetic backs joins the modules together.

Designed by Julia Dozsa.

Module A: 20 3/4 w x 26 1/4 h (53.2 x 66.5 cm)
Module B: 15 3/4 w x 31 1/2 h (39.9 x 79.8 cm)
Module C: 26 1/4 w x 31 1/2 h (66.5 x 79.8 cm)

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