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 Cappellini's Red Revolving Cabinet by Shiro Kuramata


Have an existing space you want to improve? I can...

  • Visit the site in person or remotely

  • Prepare a Creative Space Assessment Report identifying areas for improvement
  • Recommend or design modifications to improve occupant creativity
  • Prepare documents if needed to implement the modifications
  • Work directly with you or with an architect, interior designer, or consultant
  • Provide training for utilizing the space to best effect

Have a project in design or soon to begin? I can...

  • Help draft the project brief
  • Review and annotate current documents or documents as they develop
  • Identify or design modifications to improve occupant creativity
  • Assist in preparing additional documents if needed
  • Work as an independent consultant or as a member of a team


It's a fact of life that every project is different. Services will be tailored to meet your precise needs.

A good place to start with existing spaces is to commission a Creative Space Assessment Report. Contact me to begin the process.

 Variations on Ball of Whacks by Roger Von Oech

Subject Areas



Our physical surroundings influence how we think, feel, and act creatively—often without our being aware of it. Design factors impacting creative performance include:

Space Planning
Materials and Finishes
Furnishings and Equipment
Color and Lighting
Sound and Acoustics
Artwork and Decor


Creative space should be designed to promote practices that enhance idea generation, improve problem-solving, and foster innovation. These behaviors include:

Work Habits
Exercise and Diet
Sleeping and Napping


 Factory Blocks by House Industries

For Organizations

An innovative workplace is only as productive as the culture that regulates it. I can recommend experts in the field who will help you establish an organizational climate that jumpstarts creative thinking and spurs innovation.



Speaking and Teaching

I offer workshops from 1 hour in length to all day for schools, organizations, businesses and individuals.

Shown here: a talk delivered to students at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

 Potted plant on desk

Build Your Creativity:
Creative By Nature

Did you know...?

People generate more good ideas if they have...

1) A plant on their desk
2) Views to greenery outdoors
3) Their pet nearby

Explore this site for more creativity-building tips.

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