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A team of designers reviewing and marking up an architectural plan drawing

What is a Creativity Architect? 

An architect who applies scientific research to the design of buildings and spaces for the purpose of optimizing occupant creativity



Who I Work With

I work with architects, interior designers, psychologists, wellness experts, educators, facilitators, developers, product manufacturers, business owners, homeowners, and creative people from all fields

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What I Do

Services to fit your goals, profile and project


People gathered around a conference table in office


Work with your team to integrate creativity-driven design into your project

Architect Donald M. Rattner during presentation at Creative Mornings, Boston


Teach you, your business, organization, or group about creativity-driven design

An architect sketching a design


Author articles, manuals, and white papers about creativity-driven design


Where It's For

Work Home Studio School Store Healthcare Hospitality

Potted plant on desk

Build Your Creativity:
Creative By Nature

Did you know...?

People generate more good ideas if they have...

1) A plant on their desk
2) Views to greenery outdoors
3) Their pet nearby

Explore this site for more creativity-building tips.

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